What's this?

Hello, I'm Ren.

I am a web developer and a CS student.

About Me

I am an undergraduate Computer Science student with interest in various Web Development and Software Engineering technologies. I also have interest in the world of Data Science. I have used a few common technologies used in the world, such as Next.js, Strapi, and Redis. However I also like to experiment with new technologies, such as Starlette as I strive for new experience.

I have started programming ever since middle school, but never got into it seriously until my 2nd year of high school. From there, I have made various web applications, some of which are available in the Works section below.

I am always open for new environment, and I am fairly adept into new environment. This includes adapting to pre-existing codebase and flow as I try to match into the standards as much as possible.


Open House Fasilkom UI 2021


Web Developer | July 2021 - November 2021

Open House Fasilkom UI is an event where Computer Science students of University of Indonesia introduces their faculty to highschool students.

  • Develops front-end of landing page and staff recruitment

PERAK 2022


Web Developer | December 2021 - May 2022

PERAK is an internal event at Computer Science Faculty in University of Indonesia to bond together in various game events.

  • Implements group invitational code with timeout using Redis
  • Implements 3rd party games framing and score submission with cross window messaging
  • Implements simple score tampering protection logic with AES and Redis



Web Developer | May 2022 - December 2022

COMPFEST is The biggest annual IT event organized by students of the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia.

  • Implements a general dashboard for partaking academy and competition events
  • Develops a realtime worker for merchandise purchase to watch for pickup expiration event
  • Maintains various internal services related to partnership and administration needs
  • Implements scoring and submission system for website games with anti-tamper solution

Computer Science Faculty of Universitas of Indonesia


Teaching Assistant for Programming Foundations 1 | August 2022 - December 2022

  • Reviews students' assignments weekly
  • Creates problemset for students' weekly assignment




KATALY is a clone of WORDLE with Indonesian words.

    Tutor Angkatan Bakung


    A collaborative site for people in University of Indonesia's Faculty of Computer Science to open and organize tutor events.



      BNStats is a site to look at various statistical information regarding osu!'s Beatmap Nominator activity.

      • Implements routines to fetch to osu! for nomination data
      • Experimented with scoring system together with Naxess to quantitize activity based on requirements

      osu! Difficulty Calculator IPC


      An external program to run an IPC server that interacts with osu! stable client to provide new difficulty calculator.

        osu! Discussion Votes


        A tampermonkey script and server to add up/downvote functionality in discussion pages.



          A tool for people in 2021 class of Programming Basics in University of Indonesia's Faculty of Computer Science to check their assignment if it is up to specs.



            Converts frames (or video) into osu!storyboard with QuadTree data structure.



              Personal website to organize osu! Beatmap Nominator mod requests and nominations.



                Event-driven library to subscribe to osu! beatmapset feeds.